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For many years, when the topic of Outsourcing comes up, people worry about their job. Is the company going to lay-off people and shift our jobs to India? But things have changed, in the new world of talent shortage, companies are using outsourcing to develop and grow their employees.

One of the main appeals of using outsourced workers is the new opportunities created for existing employees. Not only to improve morale but to promote creativity and enhance their overall value to the organization. Certain manual and administrative tasks that are outsourced, allows in-house talent to focus on more strategic activities and projects that better leverage their skill sets, knowledge, and abilities and truly generate results. Similarly, for every employee that is not hired to perform a support function, more budget is available to hire a salesperson to grow the revenue.

There is an opportunity from the disruption of the pandemic, while restrictions and “shut-down” are restricting growth in certain areas, it is vital for businesses to re assess their strategies and way they operate. Through outsourcing, businesses can create a pool of additional funds, from the elimination of expenses from non-core activities, thus enabling opportunities for growth and innovation. The outsourcing model reduces expenses by eliminating the need to hire or train new employees and/or the support staff (HR, admin, etc.).

Many discussion topics at one of JKA clients in the last 12 months have been around these areas. The JKA team picks up more of the tasks from one service so the client team can focus on the client delivery activities. The JKA team was cross-train in three growing areas so the client can reduce over-time on their team. There are more opportunities we should explore together.

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