Ideal Supply Chain Network in U.S.

Manufacturing in the U.S. is a growing trend. After many years of offshoring, companies are taking a hard look at the benefits of manufacturing closer to their customer base and many are expanding or reshoring production to the U.S. Additionally, the elevating cost and risk of offshoring production—due to rising offshore wages and complicated, unstable supply chains—has made manufacturing in the U.S. increasingly attractive to global companies and foreign investment. Chinese wages have been going up 15-18% a year and are now high enough for many products to be made more profitably here in America.

They benefit from companies possessing an ideal Supply Chain Network.

  • Streamlined supply chains lead to less disruption.
  • Time to market is faster.
  • Hidden costs are reduced or eliminated.
  • Intellectual property risks are eliminated.
  • Companies are finding that when manufacturing and engineering are located near one another, they can improve design, eliminate waste, improve quality and increase productivity.

Engagement in product production and processes, dynamic cooperation, and emerging technologies can rebuild the supply chain network in the United States, help the reshoring trend, and push American manufacturing’s long-term global competitiveness.

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