Value-added Procurement Outsourcing

Keys of a strategic procurement outsourcing which need to take a highly systematic approach are compressed of three fundamental steps. Firstly, procurement providers outsource strategic buying only categories where doing so offers clear value. Secondly, They have a comprehensive understanding of the sources of that value and how to unlock them. Finally, they opt for outsourcing partners that are able to spot those sources of value, then define and implement agreements that maximize the chance of capturing potential savings.

So the values of procurement outsourcing come from:

  • Volume aggregation, therefore outsourcing providers can negotiate more affordable prices.
  • Deep expertise.
  • Real-time market insights
  • Labor arbitrage.
  • Demand and specification management.
  • Designing and executing effective agreements.

Outsourcing strategic procurement activities can present with company access to scale, expertise and those functions; however, it also carries augmented risks. 

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