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Data Science and AI

Your business generates and stores huge amount of data. Most of the information is unused, fragmented and isolated. You know there are insights to be gleamed from the data, but the data extraction is difficult and the cost is prohibited. What if there is an affordable and efficient way for you to create a steady stream of insights to boost revenue, reduce cost, and drive smarter decision.

JKA’s Data Science and AI team can do this for you. We can gather and cleanse your data, enrich it with third party data and enable you to better visualize the complete picture. We can also apply predictive analytics to generate actionable insights. This perspective allows our clients the ability to increase performance, mitigate risk and create a competitive advantage.

JKA has a large team of multilingual Data Scientists and AI specialists with PhD, MSc and BSc in the areas of mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning from top global universities.  The majority of these resources are staffed in our offshore location, allowing clients to tap this talent pool at significant labor savings.