JKA Expertise

JKA’s Data Scientists and AI specialists work with clients to apply the latest AI technologies to business challenges. In parallel, they conduct researches to explore potential applications in key areas within Supply Chain and Procurement, e.g. category intelligence, third party risk management, line-item categorization and contract management.

Natural Language Processing

At JKA, we are applying deep learning methods to natural language processing. We process millions of documents and webpages daily to moderate content and identify content violations, manage brand exposure and mitigate IP risks for our clients. Our neural network models are applied against content in multiple languages.

Computer Vision

JKA’s work in computer vision includes helping clients’  image processing issues in the areas of object detection and logo/brand monitoring. We develop neural network models to identify products for eCommerce, classify objects for risk mitigation and process unstructured text where OCR failed.

Predictive Analytics

Our JKA team applies machine learning in predictive analytics. For example, we assist clients predict maintenance requirement for sensor-enabled assets to minimize failures and reduce unnecessary and expensive downtime.