Proactive and Strategic Phase (First 12 Months)

  • Conducted detailed spend analysis, e.g. refresh mobile device inventory data, map network usage.
  • Benchmarked current requirements.
  • Aligned Source-to-Pay process.
  • Developed category plan and conducted three waves of strategic sourcing plus supplier development for top suppliers.
  • Developed usage policy to control costs and manage risks.

Category Management Phase (12+ Months)

  • Developed expertise by conducting market research, supplier analysis, and operation support.
  • Assumed responsibility for supplier management and implemented best-practices processes.
  • Established dynamic demand management.
  • Participated actively in major CAPEX decisions.

Results 5 Years of Category Management

  • Category spend was reduced by 75%.
  • Active management and supplier development led to cost savings in mature subcategories and allowed for redeployment of capital to growing areas such as network security.
  • Increased receptivity and adoption of efficient technological advances.
  • Procurement team took on supplier management role, conducted QBR, reviewed and approved invoices and planned annual budget for the category.
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