Procurement & Supply Chain Client Projects

ServiceNow Engagement Tool

Reconfigured ServiceNow to support Procurement’s new engagement process. Aligned and streamlined requirements to new processes. Enhanced user experience by eliminating duplicative questions and simplifying the intake form. Created better visibility

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P2P Process and Tool

Redesigned the P2P process for a $3BN client. Worked directly with software vendor to reconfigure the tool to better support the new process. Implemented new and improved P2P tool resulting

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Procurement Market Intelligence Tool (work-in-progress)

Currently designing an AI-enabled Procurement tool. Pilot candidates consist of three Fortune 1000 companies. The tool utilizes AI to curate vast amount of data and identify actionable insights. The tool

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Predictive Failure

Market Data Expense Management System (MDEM)

Implemented a commercial best-of-breed MDEM tool to manage the Market Data category at an asset management company. The tool’s complexity and rigidity required 2 FTEs to manage (not atypical per

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