Managed Services

JKA’s Managed Services offer our clients alternatives to in-house investments. These solutions provide advantages such as economies of scale, advanced technologies, efficient processes and best practices.


Procurement-in-a-Box Service

For small and mid-sized companies who desire access to a well-functioning procurement process without the efforts required to establish and manage this activity in-house, JKA offer an optimal solution. We call it “Procurement-in-a-Box”.

Procurement-in-a-Box is a full-service solution for companies that either do not currently have a well-defined Procurement function or do not have resources committed to this function. At JKA, we have a pool of Procurement professionals with varying expertise to support your differing needs from strategic to transactional procurement. We will work with you to put together a scalable solution that will grow with your company size, transaction volume and maturity level.

Traditional and Strategic Buy Desk

Traditional Buy Desk

For Procurement organizations with a large volume of Purchase Orders (POs), JKA can offer the service of a dedicated team specializing in PO sanitizing to act as your Buy Desk resources. This team will supplement your current resources and deliver the benefit of improving Procurement’s productivity, efficiency, and customer service level.

Strategic Buy Desk

For organizations with an established Procurement function, JKA will partner with you to transform a traditional or transactional Buy Desk into a strategic Buy Desk. JKA’s Solution utilizes a proprietary methodology to metamorphose the function from a transactional and reactive workflow to a more proactive practice. The skills and resources developed for a new strategic Buy Desk are applicable to support more strategic functions.

Contract Management Services

Categorization Logic and Documentation

A critical component of the data cleansing process is to have clearly defined data categorization rules. If these rules are not in place, we will work with you to establish a logical organization for your contract database. This categorization logic will be documented to ensure a consistent disciplined practice going forward.

Contract Metadata

As contracts are aggregated and filed, the relevant data points, e.g. contract value, effective date, expiration date, notice period, renewal terms, termination clause, and penalties, will be extracted into a database format for ease of reference.

Supplier 360°

Profiles will be compiled for your major suppliers (e.g. top 20, 50+ suppliers). The profiles will summarize the parent/child relationship and capture relevant information such as purchase history, product and service offerings, spend, and risk. We will also link all related MSAs, SOWs, and schedules and work directly with business units and suppliers to obtain any missing documentation.

Contract Data Enrichment

We can enhance your contract data to meet new regulatory third party risk management (TPRM) requirements, e.g. business continuity, reputational and strategic impacts, personally identifiable information (PII), concentration of risk etc.

Supplier Onboarding Services

We can deliver a simple and cost-effective supplier onboarding program to fit your specific needs. Our service offerings include:

Supplier Onboarding

We work with you to determine your appropriate needs. The scope can include basic contact information and document collection all the way to due diligence and third party risk management (TPRM) questionnaires.  Once completed, we collaborate with your team to consolidate requirements and agree on a workflow to take the guesswork out of the process. 

Data Cleansing

We refresh your existing supplier base. Inactive suppliers will be off-loaded, duplicates identified and removed, and the same onboarding check and data collection will be performed for all remaining suppliers.

Ongoing Data Management

We update documents (e.g. insurance, certifications, etc.) as they expire, periodically check in with suppliers to ensure contact information are up-to-date.