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Founded in 2018, JKA is a US-based service provider company. We have three offices in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City, My Tho city and Nha Trang city. The JKA branches in Vietnam provide our US clients access to Vietnamese hardworking and creative workforce. JKA Viet Nam team is working on a fast-growing list of exciting, and innovative projects. 


JKA has been growing over 50% annually the last three years. The majority of JKA clients are US companies in the US. We worked on more complex projects across areas of operations, finance, accounting, staffing, procurement and supply chain.

Our strength is to develop our people to reach world-class standard. We sincerely believed that Vietnamese talent just need more exposure to global challenges and better opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities.

Therefore, we need people who can learn, work hard and willing to explore new and interesting careers. No experiences are required!

Get ready to unleash your innovative ideas and infuse them into your tasks with passion and enthusiasm.


1. Recognize & Promote from Within

  • Internal Promotions: Prioritize filling open positions with existing employees to demonstrate trust and value in your workforce.
  • Performance Reviews: Conduct annual performance reviews to identify and promote top talent within the organization.

3. Build a Happy Workplace

  • Team Bonding Activities: Organize regular team-building activities to strengthen relationships and improve teamwork.
  • Positive Work Environment: Foster a positive and inclusive work culture where all employees feel valued and respected.

2. Personal & Professional Development

  • Learning Opportunities: Encourage continuous learning and self-development to help employees enhance their skills and advance their careers.
  • Career Development:
  • For the Freshers: you are warmly welcomed to a new home, where you  Newcomers who have not had much working experience to learn.
  • To the Old-hands: Always encourage the Old Hands to contribute, share knowledge, and help shape the values that drive our company.
  • To the Explorers: Always provide guidance and create opportunities for the Explorers to challenge themselves and forge their own career paths.

4. Foster Innovation

  • Freedom to Innovate: Encourage employees to experiment and bring new ideas to the table without fear of failure.
  • Open Communication: Promote open and transparent communication channels to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Our Benefit

So what are the outstanding activities when joining the JKAER team?

English Classes

Our English classes are designed to create an engaging and supportive learning environment where students can develop their language skills. We offer a variety of activities that cater to different learning styles and levels of proficiency. Our classes provide a dynamic approach to learning English, from interactive group discussions and role-plays to creative writing exercises and multimedia projects.

“By learning together, we support each other, challenge each other, and grow together. We spark new ideas, ask thought-provoking questions, and push each other to reach our full potential.

So let’s keep on learning, keep on growing, and keep on inspiring each other. Because when we learn together, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. 🚀

Here’s to the journey of learning together! 📚✨

Happy learning, friends! 🌿🌺


Happy Hours

Our monthly Happy Hours are dedicated to fostering team bonding and creating a positive, enjoyable work environment. These events offer a perfect opportunity for employees to relax, socialize, and build stronger connections outside of the usual work setting.

With a variety of fun activities, our Happy Hours are designed to cater to everyone’s interests and encourage meaningful interactions. By participating in these bonding activities, we strengthen our team spirit, boost morale, and cultivate a supportive and collaborative workplace culture

Exciting annual team building activities

Respect diversity

We are a melting pot of various regions, each contributing to our collective identity. Let’s explore our differences and similarities, celebrate them, and learn from one another to create a vibrant community.

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