Procurement & Supply Chain

JKA Procurement, founded by a US-based Chief Procurement Officer, provides exceptional global procurement and supply chain solutions across Asia for clients in the US and Europe, including major consulting firms. Specializing in the 7 Steps Global Sourcing Process and boasting extensive experience in direct materials, we offer expertise in Asian Supply Chain Management and Research Capabilities across Asian Markets. With a keen understanding of regional dynamics, we deliver tailored solutions to optimize procurement strategies, ensuring our clients achieve success in their operations.

Research on Market & Category

We conduct extensive market research, analyzing trends, consumer behavior, regulatory landscapes, and competitive dynamics. This allows us to identify emerging opportunities and potential risks within specific markets, ensuring our clients can capitalize on favorable conditions while mitigating potential challenges.
We conduct comprehensive analysis on market trends, competitor landscapes, consumer preferences, pricing dynamics, demand-supply trends, and innovations within product categories. This provides actionable intelligence for informed decision-making, market expansion strategies, and identifies cost-saving opportunities while streamlining sourcing processes.

Global Strategic Sourcing

Leveraging our global network to source the best materials and products.
Industry Expertise:

- Industrial products

- Soft goods/Apparels

- Aluminium extrusion

- Products (sugar, seafood, coffee, spices)

- Retail operations (fixture, consumable, cart/basket)

- Furniturer and Home Decor

Procurement Process Management

- Managing the Request for Quotation (RFQ), Request for Information (RFI), and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes to ensure competitive and suitable supplier selection.
- Supplier Screening and Due Diligence: Conducting thorough evaluations and due diligence to ensure reliable and quality suppliers.
- Product Inspection Before Shipment and Logistical Management: Ensuring product quality and compliance before shipment, and managing logistics for timely and efficient delivery from supplier to your doorstep.

Case Studies

Relevant References for Apparel Sourcing

- Leading Apparel Suppliers: We established a strong partnership with various leading apparel manufacturer in Vietnam, demonstrating capabilities in producing a diverse range of apparel items, including t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball jerseys, custom hats, etc. while meeting stringent quality standards.

- Diversified Product Range Project:We managed a project focused on diversifying the apparel product range, including t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and socks. We identified and partnered with multiple suppliers to meet varied client demands.

- Low MOQ Optimization Project: We implemented a strategy to optimize apparel sourcing with a focus on low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs). This resulted in a flexible inventory management system, enabling clients to order smaller quantities while maintaining product variety.

- Customization and Branding Initiative:We led an initiative to enhance customization options for apparel items. Collaborating with manufacturers, we provided branding solutions, including customized headbands and hats, tailored to specific client preferences.

- Efficient Pricing Response System:We implemented a system ensuring suppliers respond to pricing inquiries within 24 hours, streamlining the procurement process and facilitating quicker decision-making, ultimately improving client satisfaction.

Strategic Global Sourcing for a US-Based Medical Device Manufacture

- Objective: The primary aim of this endeavor was to conduct a comprehensive global sourcing initiative encompassing regions such as Asia and Eastern Europe. The overarching goal was to identify potential cost-saving opportunities for both converters/assemblers and raw material manufacturers within the supply chain of a US-based medical device manufacturer.

- Key Findings: Through diligent research and analysis, the initiative successfully uncovered numerous avenues for reducing costs. By exploring various markets across Asia, particularly in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and India, as well as Eastern Europe, notably Bulgaria, the project team identified a multitude of qualified suppliers offering competitive pricing structures. Additionally, the implementation of a raw material consolidation strategy proved instrumental, resulting in remarkable cost savings exceeding 30%.

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