HR & Staffing Services

Empower Your Staffing Agency with JKA’s Tailored Solutions


Administrative tasks are consuming too much of your recruitment team’s time, preventing them from focusing on essential staffing and relationship management. Cornerstone’s OnDemand research indicates that in-house recruiters spend about 25% of their time on these tasks, diverting attention from key duties.

JKA offers a direct solution to this widespread issue. Our in-house team specializes in candidate process management and administrative tasks, boosting your team’s ability to focus on core functions. Our services are cost-effective and increase operational efficiency.

HR & Staffing Services

JKA boosts your staffing agency's growth with expert recruitment services, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. We act as an extension of your team, focusing on admin tasks so you can concentrate on client relations. Our offerings include:

- Applicant Sourcing: We find candidates efficiently, saving you money on job boards.

- Employee Credentialing: We handle all the paperwork, making candidate onboarding smooth.

- Background Checks: We ensure candidates meet your standards through comprehensive checks.

Transform your staffing agency by outsourcing back-office tasks to JKA, turning fixed expenses into variable costs. This shift not only saves money but also frees up your team to focus on generating revenue. JKA offers:

- Payroll Processing: Fast, weekly payroll management using your chosen software, handling thousands of timesheets.

- Timesheet Management: Efficient organization and processing of employee timesheets to improve workflow.

- Schedule Management: Effective schedule handling, including after-hours support, to boost client satisfaction.

- Data Entry: A versatile team for precise insurance claim submissions and general data entry tasks.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, a healthcare staffing company in Washington faced a surge in demand but struggled with limited resources and financial constraints. They partnered with JKA, who quickly evaluated their needs and deployed an offshore team to handle back-office tasks like applicant tracking, qualification verification, onboarding, and timesheet processing. This move significantly improved operational efficiency within two weeks.

A 75% reduction in staffing costs by using cost-effective resources from Vietnam.

The ability to triple the business size without adding more U.S. staff.

The launch of an after-hours staffing service, leveraging the time zone difference, with JKA covering staffing and scheduling from 10pm to 8am Seattle time.

Improved candidate service quality, resulting in a higher conversion rate, due to increased resource capacity.