Audit Compliance Services

We provide Audit Compliance Services that combine data, technology, and expertise to help you to acquire, cleanse and unlock insights from your customers’, merchants’ and suppliers’ public and private data.

JKA has operations in the US and the emerging low-cost location of Vietnam. JKA Vietnam is more cost competitive than its equivalent in India or the Philippines services industry. JKA Vietnam has teams of data experts and business analysts. They are experienced specialists, who can consult, and design an appropriate compliance monitoring program to support your business and regulatory requirements. These young and educated teams address hard-to-obtain data and data challenges for our US clients.

Our Processes

Step 1

Discuss your needs and requirements

Step 2

Design a program to support your needs

Step 3

Conduct a pilot to demonstrate the scale and costs

Step 4

Scale the program to support your operations

Audit Compliance Services

Customer Identify Verification

• Search for customer website and verify identity information such as name, address, phone number, contact info
• Conduct customer boarding due diligence include office verification such as geolocate and public database verification
• Conduct business phone number verification
• Conduct MobileApp business verification

Customer Due Diligence and Risk Classification

• Classify customer with industry classification such as MCC/NAIC/SIC to determine risk profile
• Classify eCommerce customers business activities
• Evaluate eCommerce customers for aggressive, misleading or potential illegal activities
• Verify MobilePayment platform customers for approved activities and identify unauthorized activities

Merchant Monitoring

• Monitor eCommerce website weekly/monthly for material changes to services and business activities
• Monitor customer using BBB, review, rip/off report etc.
• Monitor advertisers for a major online search platform for risky advertisement and in-appropriate content
• Conduct eCommerce transactions to map payment flow to the end finance institution

Unique Compliance Services

• Validate licensing requirement for financial service agents across 12 countries against regulator databases
• Monitor content for a major adult content provider
• Validate qualification for health insurance agent in the US
• Monitor eCommerce activities for the Cannabis industry in the US
• Monitor global marketplaces for counterfeit and illegal products.

Content Moderation

Monitors contents on merchant websites for High-Risk activities. Activities may include sellers of control categories such as pharmaceuticals, weapons, tobacco, adult content, and alcohol


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