Data Services

JKA provides a complete solution for your data science project. From gathering and tagging data, creating and training machine learning models, to validating results in a development or test environment. We support our clients with fast tagging tools, human workforce, data management, and an experienced Data Science team.

We work in close collaboration with you and your domain experts. Our  flexible Data Science and dedicated Tagging teams enable you to get going quickly on new projects and scale up as each project matures to production.

Data Science Team

We can provide a team of Data Scientists, dedicated to your organization, working on your schedule, trained to understand your business and company culture. Located offshore, these resources augment clients’ staff at a significant cost savings (over 70% lower than US labor rates).

Flexible Resource Support

JKA provides clients immediate access to scarce talents in areas such as data science, natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning and predictive analytics. We can help to accelerate your project or mitigate project risks and challenges with flexible and affordable resources.

Data Tagging Team

We have a dedicated team of Data Taggers and Labelers based in our offshore location. We can gather, cleanse and tag data to support your machine learning models. Our team will validate model results in a test or production environment.

AI Capability Starter Kit

We will help set up your AI/ML team to explore  new technologies. We can provide all necessary training and tools to get you started. Our service model starts at an affordable 6-month package.