New Projects

Churn Predictive

Random Forest Machine Learning Model to Predict Customer Cancellations

JKA created a Random Forest machine learning model to predict customer cancellations for a client in the retail space. The model was populated with only six months of data and

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Predictive Failure

Predictive Maintenance: Predictive Failure Model to Identify Equipment Failure

JKA was charged with developing a Predictive Failure model to identify equipment failure within a five-day window. Once implemented, the model enabled the organization to schedule maintenance prior to a

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Natural Language Processing: Progressive Model for a Top 5 Online Marketplace

JKA developed a progressive model for a Top 5 online marketplace. The model utilized natural language processing to identify illegal products for sale on the platform. The model’s performance result

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From BPO Web Research to AI Solution for Financial Client in the U.S

An in-house team of 20 analysts at a financial company was responsible for researching and analyzing web and third party data to manage risks and compliance. The team could not

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offshore resource

Full AI Offshore Staffing for Seattle Client

A dedicated three-person AI team was deployed for a client in Seattle, WA. This team possessed specialized AI knowledge in the areas of Natural Language Processing and Content Moderation. The

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