Natural Language Processing: Progressive Model for a Top 5 Online Marketplace

JKA developed a progressive model for a Top 5 online marketplace. The model utilized natural language processing to identify illegal products for sale on the platform. The model’s performance result surpassed the marketplace’s technology. In comparison to current technology, JKA’s natural language model identified 20% more violations and its false positive rate was 90% lower. This success contributed to a 90% reduction in the client’s labor costs.

Our experience and knowledge in AI Moderation are applicable to other areas of user-generated content such as social media platform, chat room, classified ad, user review, online market place, survey, dating site, community forum, etc.

Using an appropriate and scalable AI Moderation tool will ensure that the content upholds your site regulations, i.e. is not illegal, inappropriate or harassing, and help protect your organization from litigation and liability.

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