Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

Your business generates and stores huge amount of data. Most of the information is unused, fragmented and isolated. You know there are insights to be gleamed from the data, but the data extraction is difficult and the cost is prohibited. What if there is an affordable and efficient way for you to create a steady stream of insights to boost revenue, reduce cost, and drive smarter decision.

JKA’s Data Science and AI team can do this for you. We can gather and cleanse your data, enrich it with third party data and enable you to better visualize the complete picture. We can also apply predictive analytics to generate actionable insights. This perspective allows our clients the ability to increase performance, mitigate risk and create a competitive advantage.

JKA has a large team of multilingual Data Scientists and AI specialists with PhD, MSc and BSc in the areas of mathematics, computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning from top global universities. The majority of these resources are staffed in our offshore location, allowing clients to tap this talent pool at significant labor savings.

Project Base

Many organizations have discrete operational challenges that can be expeditious resolved through AI technology. These AI projects are typically one to three months in duration. Our AI consultants will assess, scope, build prototype, test, adjust and implement your new AI model within this time frame.

Full AI Solution

For clients ready for AI applications in-house but are hesitant due to its complexity or investment, we offer a feasible solution. JKA’s AI specialists and data scientists can serve as your extended team, fully integrated and dedicated to your needs. Our AI team is offshore and has been augmenting staffing needs at much more advantageous rates than onshore resources.

Process Improvement

More and more, AI-enabled solutions are applied to improve the efficiency of manual activities within organizations.  At JKA, we routinely look for ways to incorporate AI tools to improve our clients’ operations.  Integrating AI technology into process improvements greatly benefits our clients in streamlining their workflows as well as facilitating decision-making going forward.

AI Solution Consulting

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of today’s top topics for business executives. However, the difficulty for many organizations is integrating AI into their current strategies and processes.

JKA’s AI Consulting Practice assists companies formalize their AI strategies and build practical applications. We have a wealth of experience working in multiple industries to solve real-world problems. We accomplish outstanding solutions for our clients by synergizing off-the-shelf AI tools with our digital transformation expertise.

Whether the interest is in automating current manual processes, predicting machine failure, developing machine learning algorithm, creating image recognition application, or any other variety of AI applications, our experienced AI consultants can help.

AI Model Building

Many organizations have great AI ideas just waiting to be turned into reality. Let our expert team of data scientists and AI specialists work with you to apply the latest AI technologies to business challenges. We have access to the latest off-the-shelf neural network and deep learning models currently used at major organizations, e.g. IBM, FaceBook, Google. We have the experience to customize these pre-trained models to fit your operational needs. Our strength is the ability to accelerate your ideas and rapidly create protypes to solve your business challenges.

Predictive Analytics

JKA regularly applies machine learning in predictive analytics. Our tools benefit organizations in a multitude of ways. They’re utilized to improve forecast accuracy for demand planning, predict timely maintenance to reduce expensive equipment downtime, or even manage customer attrition by identifying at-risk clienteles.


JKA specialists utilize machine and deep learning methods in natural
language processing. We process millions of documents and webpages daily to moderate content and identify content violations, manage brand exposure and mitigate IP risks for our clients. Our neural network models are applied against contents in multiple language.

Image Processing

JKA’s work in computer vision includes resolving clients’ image processing issues in the areas of object detection and logo or brand monitoring. Our team develops neural network models to identify products for eCommerce, classifies objects for risk mitigation and processes unstructured text where optical character recognition failed.

Data Services (Collect, Enrich, Annotate)

Your business generates and stores a tremendous amount of data. Oftentimes, the information is fragmented and sits stagnant. A wealth of knowledge can be gleaned but the data extraction is difficult and cost prohibited. What if there is an efficient and affordable way for you to create a consistent stream of data? Insightful data that can boost revenue, reduce
cost, mitigate risk and drive smarter decision. At JKA, we provide solutions to such data issues. Our team is supported by our Data Analysts who can collect, enrich and tag training data for machine learning projects. Many of these resources are staffed in our low-cost offshore location, allowing clients to tap into this talent pool at significant labor savings.

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